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New agreement between South Africa and Viet Nam – A turning point in tackling rhino poaching crisis, say WWF, TRAFFIC

The governments of South Africa and Viet Nam have signed an MoU to improve co-operation on tackling illegal wildlife trafficking, such as illegal trade in rhino horns Martin Harvey / WWF-Canon

Ha Noi, Viet Nam, 10th December 2012—A pivotal moment in efforts to tackle the current rhino poaching crisis took place today as the governments of South Africa and Vietnam signed a Memorandum of Understanding to improve co-operation between the two states on biodiversity conservation and protection including tackling illegal wildlife trafficking. Read more

Asia horizon invites daring vision

By Michael Jacobson

In a small room with no view, Professor Russell Trood expands upon a vast region and a daring vision.

The region is Asia, its staggering diversity confirmed by a map on the wall behind the professor, who then reveals the vision by observing:  “Yes, you look at Asia’s size, its obvious complexity, and it can be bewildering. Yet there are many pathways into Asia and enormous potential for those willing to negotiate them and seek out the opportunities that exist there.” Read more

Plant research has interesting relevance for TCM

Medical scientists have long been divided over the benefits of natural remedies to serious health conditions, especially chronic diseases like cancer. Now scientists from Griffith Health Institute’s Molecular Basis of Disease research group on the Gold Coast have found a concentrated form of Tea Tree Oil, Melaleuca alternifolia concentration (MAC) can halt the progression of some breast cancers in mice.

Natural products biologically active

“Natural products are inherently biologically active and meant to interact with biological machinery (bodies). With synthetic therapies we just don’t know if they will interact or not. Natural products also have structural diversity which you can’t achieve with synthetics, so that is a bonus,” said Ms Clark.

“This won’t be a complete therapy. If it develops, it will be something used in a combination of therapies, like how we treat cancers now.”

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