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Discussion on trophy hunting. Prince William’s comments and my article on the history of the rhino horn trade

March 23, 2017

Money matters in conservation and the human connection to animals throughout history has, for a large part, been through hunting. Undoubtedly hunting especially for the pot has always aimed at sustainability. So trophy hunting now is a necessary aspect of conservation. No doubt. But it wasn’t for a long time. It’s important to look at the history of rhino hunting for two industrialising centuries; see the damage to the black rhino populations; the impact of the trade in horn and the active role that white hunters and traders and middlemen played in it in order to gauge current cultural views. Especially in relation to notions of regulations, privilege and entitlement.…/2017-03-16-paradise-is-f…/
A fact of the world is that by the rhino horn market culture putting a price on the trophy it is problematic to the trophy hunting culture.

See the articles below for discussion.

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