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Vietnam a transit hub into China for rhino horn, Mongabay reports.

January 7, 2017


Clik here to read Mongabay story and see WJC undercover video pictured above.

An NGO source says that substantial portions of major shipments of rhino horn coming into Vietnam are destined for China and not for consumption in Vietnam. The trade to China exploits lax customs inspections at the road border crossing on Highway 18.

Netherlands-based NGO Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC) executive director Olivia Swaak-Goldman told Mongabay they had uncovered a major trade in rhino horn.

“It’s just so substantial that it has a major impact on the world trade,” Ms Swaak-Goldman said.

The WJC undercover operation was able to document up to 579 rhinos, equivalent to around half of the rhinos poached in south Africa in a village near Hanoi called Nhi Khe, she said.

Technical advisor for Hanoi-based NGO Education for Nature-Vietnam Douglas Hendrie told the environmental news organisation that while enforcement against the illegal wildtrade in Vietnam was not good, it had made a lot of progress in recent years.

Hendrie says the trade of rhino horn into China transiting through Vietnam explains the large shipments of the horns that have been busted at ports.

“Nobody really knows what percentage of it targets Vietnamese consumers and what percentage of it is then transited.

“Literally, the consigning company puts the stuff on a truck in the Vietnamese port in Haiphong or elsewhere, and off it goes up Highway 18 right to the border of China,” Hendrie told Mongabay.

“So, it clearly is a weak link or a back door, you could say, to China.”




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