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Banksy offers an alternative symbolism to illegal wildlife trade

December 11, 2016

Despite Banksy’s exhibition not being endorsed by the artist 20161209_143138-2I really enjoyed the show at Fed Square in Melbourne. It inspired me. We need Banksy to present us with symbols that coolly reject the garbage we are constantly fed. I wanted to buy one of the Tshirts of a rioter throwing a bunch of flowers instead of petrol bomb, but there was another artwork  with a bunch of punks queuing for 30 dollar Tshirts for sale that said “Fuck capitalism”. I can do better with the money. Banksy’s cool symbolism like the leopard escaping acts as a panacea to cure the dominant symbols of capitalism. If this isn’t a leopard’s finger at the illegal wildtrade I don’t know what is.

So too with the monkey in the bottom corner20161209_142930-2

And the ever passive HMV dog


Meanwhile Melbourne the ever grumbling volcano of a city kept up its reputation for individuals making a stand on Flinders Street

20161209_163748 (2).jpg

And everyday anarchy



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