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Storms form part of coastal community life

June 5, 2016

Photos by Mic Smith.

During last nights storm the Burleigh baths and beachside restaurant was inundated by the highseas.


The damage was severe. High winds had whipped up the seas and uprooted trees. Some areas were blacked out from early yesterday. The rain pelted down and the streets were covered in pandanus leaves

When I got up this morning the sky had cleared but the seas were massive


IMG_3567I heard about the restaurant getting smashed up at Burleigh so I went for a look. For the first time that a lot of people could remember the seas had breached the rocky headland and washed into the park. The swells looked like Hawaii. Well over 10 foot


Nobody was surfing. Except one in the corner.

IMG_3594No way to get out and too much north in the wind. The morning hightide gave the baths and restaurant the reprieve that the previous night’s hightide hadn’t. The 7.40 am swells stopped short of the broken windows.

The restaurant had been closed for 3 years since the last time the seas rose. It hadn’t been open for long. Last night’s sandbagging efforts had been in vain.


The owner of the baths said it was the fourth time it had happened in 12 years since he’d been there.

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