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Brace comes off. Compression fracture T12

March 17, 2016

IMG_3216I had expectations that at the hospital they’d take the brace off and check me out. No. Very little ceremony at outpatients clinic.It was routine for the spinal specialist, he could have just phoned or sent a pamphlet in the post.

He said the generic brand advice. Take it off for an hour a day for a couple of days and build up slowly to having the brace off completely within two weeks or a month.

Didn’t even require an xray unless I wanted one which I did. You’ve got to be assertive.

At the xray room I had a great personal moment and took the brace off while standing. Standing without a brace for the first time since 7.20am Jan 2, was a cool feeling.

The specialist had a look at the xrays but he wouldn’t have if I hadn’t asked him to. Basically he didn’t have any doubts that the brace had done its job and now I just have to wean myself off it.

Do whatever you want he said, you are the best judge of what you can do and what you can’t do. He obviously doesn’t know me very well. What about surfing? I said. That’s a bit unpredictable, not till June. Chin ups? No. Running? No. Walking? Yes. Swimming? That’s the best. Touch my toes? Why not, if it doesn’t hurt? Can I take it off now to go home. No. Take it off when you get home. Just as well I’m a journalist and I know how to interview people.

No bedside manner or extra tips in public health. But while I’m complaining about the impersonal service and the implicit requirement that I involve in my own recovery, I want to thank the hospital and the large team of staff who have been responsible to get me here. It’s been a journey. I’m ok. I’m walking. I’m gonna surf again. And it’s been free. Thanks.

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