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Under da Sea (Biology)

September 13, 2015

Scientific Babble

Are there any other sharks in Britain, apart from the Basking Shark?

I didn’t think so. My South African parents used to go swimming with sharks a lot in Africa. They saw many different species from Great Whites to the Ragged-tooth otherwise known as the grey nurse or sand shark. I loved hearing about their adventures and stories and would one day love to become a qualified deep sea diver and swim with a shark, without a cage, just like my parents. One of the shark species they never managed to lay there eyes on was the rapid Mako shark. I have never seen a shark in the wild but have seen them in sea centres like ‘Deep Sea World’, in Edinburgh.
Until now I never knew that there were any other wild sharks in Britain besides the Basking Shark. I couldn’t have been more wrong! There are least 21 species…

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