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Durban’s Muti Market -Zulu pharmacy

February 1, 2015

Locals go to the Muti Market in Durban to buy medicine and magic for them and their house.

The market which is behind Victoria Market deals in Zulu traditional medicinea made from fresh herbs and plants, bark, and animal and marinelife parts.

Some parallels can be draw between Muti and TCM and Vietnamese traditional medicine as herbs and animal parts are used in combinations.

The animal parts sold at the Muti Market however are more crudely prepared than animal parts sold in medicine streets in Vietnam. The bones and remains of animals here still have meat on them and are foul smelling.

This dealer talks about a bucket of black paste that wards off evil. While I was there a woman came and bought some of this paste mixed with three types of dung, different bark and wood chips, minerals and car engine oil to keep “the devil” from her house. She paid 150 rand.

The stall proprietor said the bucket of black paste can also make a person strong if it is put into his blood. You can make a cut in your arm and rub it in and then nobody can kill you, he said.

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