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Irishmen doing bodgy jobs for cash linked to rhino horn trade

December 19, 2014

The story about an Irish syndicate that’s been stealing rhino horns from European museums is getting weirder and weirder.

Now it appears that the Rathkeale Rovers have been in Australia doing bodgy driveways and painting dodgy carpark lines or so it seems from a Warning on Rathkeale Rovers press release by the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

The press release was from October last year but hey its pretty obscure and I just heard about it. It’s weird, who would have thought there’d be a link between a bunch of bodgy British tradesmen drinking beer in a dingey bar near you and a transnational wildlife crime syndicate – one of the world’s wealthiest organised crime groups.

According to, Rovers’ rhino horn-smuggling exploits, from 2011 to 2013, included “67 thefts across 15 nations, from museums and private collections to auction houses and even zoos. In early 2013, European Union’s law enforcement agency, Europol‘s, Operation Oakleaf came to a head, with coordinated raids across eight European countries that led to the arrests of 30 people with links to Rathkeale, including Richard Kerry O’Brien, the ‘King of the Travellers.”

I wonder if these Irish guys surf. I know a lot of Irish do. If they do they are sure to drop in or pinch your wax. Next time I meet an Irishman at Burleigh I’m going to have to ask what he’s been up to.

These travelling rogue guys are allegedly even getting Prince William’s attention at the World Bank address in Washington although when I read it I can’t see him allude to them.

AND they featured in “My big fat gypsy wedding.”

The Rathkeale Rovers apparently are one of Ireland’s most sidelined ethnic groups AND if their trading in rhino they just sidelined me too.

Not surprisingly they seem to get away with a lot of their bullshit, because they travel under pretenses of being lowlife travelling conmen and when questioned, the men act aggressively; give names that are infuriatingly similar; have multiple identities; frequently every word they say is a lie. They prove impossible to track in police databases. . . .


Just Irish roughheads on the outside, but what’s really going on is they are making millions off the wildtrade, and selling the rhino horn in Vietnam.


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