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Mermaid Beach emptiness: Mabo Day

June 3, 2014


I woke up early and took this shot a few minutes before the morning-walk crowd arrived.
I wasn’t aware it was Mabo Day until i went to Griffith University and there was a walk and talk.
On June 3 in 1992 the Eddie Koike Mabo won his High Court battle to overturn the ruling of Terra Nullius that the white colonisation of Australia was legally based on.
Eddie Mabo unfortunately didn’t live long enough to see the victory he had wielded for landrights.
Mabo day is a public holiday in the most northern islands of Queensland, the Torres Straits Islands, where Eddie Mabo comes from and Queensland borders with Australia’s northern neighbour Papua New Guinea.
Eddie also wanted to win sea rights for his people, as he was able to demonstrate a continued connection with traditional TSI fishing grounds that are just as significant to islanders as land.
After the walk and talk event, participant had morning tea and listened to some wonderful indigenous singers.
It was a chance to meet and make friends in the spirit of reconciliation.

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