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Indonesia’s top clerical body forbids wildlife trafficking

March 8, 2014

The Indonesian Council of Ulama, the country’s largest clerical body, has issued a fatwa or call to action to Indonesia’s 200 million muslims to take an active role in protecting and conserving endangered species.
According to National Geographic journalist, Bryan Christy, the fatwa was inspired when a villager asked Muslim leaders on a field trip about the status of wild animals in the Islaamic faith.

The Muslim leaders replied: “They are creations of Allah, as we are. It is haram to kill them, and keeping them alive is part of the worship of God.”

The fatwa states that you can escape government regulations but not god’s. Under the fatwa governments would review permits for companies harming the environment and do more to conserve endangered species.

In a related story a woman in the Muslim nation of Malaysia is facing wildtrade charges following the airing of Al Jazeera documentary.

Cheah Bing Shee, recently featured in Return of the Lizard King, an expose on the post-prison activities of convicted wildlife smuggler Anson Wong, appeared in a Penang sessions court yesterday where she faces charges of illegal posession of totally protected tortoises.

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