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Vietnam strengthens legislation against wildtrade

November 27, 2013

A new law in Vietnam (MONRE Decree 160) which was signed into law November 15, 2013 prohibits any form of commercial trade in listed endangered species, regardless of origin, “a great victory for wildlife protection,” according to ENV director Vu Thi Quyen.

“The process was not an easy one, requiring careful reviews of draft legislation, recommending changes in writing that would strengthen the law, commenting and recommending removal of things that would weaken the law, present loopholes, undermine wildlife protection — all of which were found in both MONRE and MARD drafts early on,” Vu Thi Quyen says.

While the new law affords full protection to endangered species, it does not necessarily regulate commercial activities.

Another legislative boon for the Vietnam environment, this time for the marine aspect are new changes to Decree 31, the marine fisheries law, which provides much stronger protection for marine turtles and other marine species. Could be good news for green sea turtles and Dugongs in Con Dao.

A lizard greets visitors to Con Dao. Photo by Mic Smith

Vietnamese salamander (Paramesotriton deloustali)

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