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Baby albino dolphin spotted in big pod at TOS

November 27, 2013

Dolphin pod at TOS

By Mic Smith


The Gold Coast Seaway just keeps on being amazing.

Last week it was flocks of migrating shearwaters (mutton birds)in the mouth of the Gold Coast Seaway.

This week it’s a huge pod of 20 plus dolphins with calves, one of them an albino.

The operator of the South Straddie water taxi, Dale shot this video on his phone and put it on his Facebook. Click on the link to access it on my FB.

By clicking and watching the three minute video you can hear Dale talking about the baby albino dolphin that is in the pod.

There is so many fish and baitfish around the Gold Coast Seaway at the moment – it’s like a menagerie.

When I was surfing this morning I saw a dolphin do a spectacular leap over the top of a wave as it broke heading out into deeper waters.

Another surfer, Jason, who shared the water taxi back, saw dolphins doing twisting leaps and somersaults. Researchers have found that dolphins can communicate through the underwater sounds made by the slap on the water from different styles of leaps and somersaults.

It’s just another reason the connection with nature that surfing affords is incredible especially in relatively untouched environments like South Straddie.

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