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Alternative rock Melbourne style: Deep where all drown

September 27, 2013

Click on this pic from Nic Palmer’s Facebook to go to a music sharing site and hear his now defunct band “Deep where all drown”

By Mic Smith

I met Nick Palmer (R) years ago in Melbourne through a friend who shared a small flat with him in St Kilda.

We’ve known each other for a long time now, but back then basically since we met in the kitchen we got on ok and enjoyed similar books. I dropped in heaps after that, borrowed heaps of books off him over the years. Pretty bent genres – definitely niche.

I went to a few gigs of his band and other gigs with him, saw hardcore in North Melbourne mostly. Really fast was in in Melbourne then… Bands like Damage and Blood Duster.

Something profound he turned me on to was the “angriest man on the planet” this Japanese hardcore, Zeni Geva.

We did some work together on a play at La Mama. Nick played Robby the Tomato Picker in the play which had this odd name – Alco-dogdog-hol – and did the music with Jim Gamack who played Stanstan. I played Dogdog.

It was my play, Nick really rips your guts out on the bass and it added menace to Jim’s alt-rock narrative guitar. Nick’s character Robby the tomato picker was basically just a bogan but he gets into Socrates and philosophy. It was too late though cos he gets all his limbs shot off – for not telling these crims from Sydney where a dope crop is. No more tomato picking for Robby – but it was a happy ending for Stan stan and Dog dog.

I saw Nick again last I was in Melbourne in Nov. 2012 at the bottle shop where he works. He gave me CDs of Deep Where All Drown. I love it, not like anything I’ve ever heard.

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