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US lists white rhino as threatened

September 11, 2013
US legislators and Irish enforcers get tough on rhino horn criminals. Photo from BBC.

US legislators and Irish enforcers get tough on rhino horn criminals. Photo from BBC. Click on the photo to see an Irish report of raids in Ireland and go to the bottom of that report to listen to the broadcast

The US has declared the Southern White Rhino found in South Africa as threatened banning its sale in the US and closing a loop in its illegal trade.

“As both a transit point and consumer destination for illegal rhino horn products, the United States plays a vital role in curbing poaching and wildlife trafficking,” said Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe, The Raw Story newsite reported two hours ago.

Despite the US change in designation to “threatened,” current permit requirements for sport-hunted trophies of southern white rhinos will not change, the FWS said.

The amendments to the  Endangered Species Act “will aid international law enforcement efforts to fight poaching and crack down on trafficking in rhino horn,” the Fish and Wildlife Service said in a statement.

In related news, Sky News  and BBC reports armed police from the Republic’s Criminal Asset Bureau (Cab) raided homes in the Rathkeale and Raheen areas of Limerick and in Newmarket in Cork to in an international police investigation into the theft of valuable rhino horns.

Police believe an Irish syndicate has been responsible for multiple thefts of rhino horn and Chinese artifacts from Museums in Europe.

The gang is believed to have been constantly on the move throughout Europe with involvement in a swathe of organised crime activities. Three arrests were made, according to Eric Clark for Limerick’s Live 95 FM.

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