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382 players attend 2013 Asian Champs; 19 per cent are non Australian

September 4, 2013

Vietnam Swans

AFL Asia’s new website at has reported on the numbers at the 2013 Asian Champs. The report is reproduced below.

The 2013 Asian Champs saw the Hong Kong Dragons with the right numbers on the scoreboard – and now, AFL Asia has a closer look at the numbers behind the teams and nationalities of players…

Overall: Australians Vs Non Australians

  • A total of 382 players from 13 clubs played in the Champs.
  • Of that figure, 19 per cent (72) were non Australian and represented 21 countries.

Non Australians

  • The highest number of Non Australians came from Lao (10) followed by NZ (8), USA (8). England (7), Japan (6) and China (5).

Biggest clubs by total numbers

  • Singapore had the highest number of players with 54 (and finished in 3rd position).
  • Champions, Hong Kong, travelled with 46.
  • Jakarta (35), Thailand (34), Macau (34) and Vietnam (32) all travelled in the…

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