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Saigon Horn: A TCM doctor’s perspective of sung te giac

August 23, 2013
Rhino horn poaching is stupid says Dr Nhon.

Rhino horn poaching is stupid, says Dr Nhon. (Photo by Mic Smith)

“Even though it is said that we should treat animals as humble and humans as noble, when it comes to loving life, humans and animals are the same. Injuring the other to benefit oneself, since all things suffer identically in their feelings, how could you consider humans as beyond this?”

Sun Simiao (581 – 682 CE known as China’s King of Medicine)

Early this year on a visit to Vietnam I interviewed a university trained Traditional Medicine Doctor at a respected clinic in HCMC. He shares the same medical views on rhino horn as the generations of doctors in Vietnam and China that have practiced before him, but he says rhino poaching is stupid and should stop. To read more go to my latest article on Groundreport.

Related news. In June a Vietnamese NGO Education for Nature – Vietnam started to lobby TCM doctors in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, to persuade them not to prescribe rhino horn.

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