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Beach bums and front end loaders

August 19, 2013

Beach bums and boulders

Oh the serenity.
Perfect beach conditions for these sunbakers at Heron Avenue today, except for the heavy machinery moving boulders only a few meters away.

The dump trucks and loaders are bringing some noise and dust along with boulders to beef up the erosion mitigation on Nobbys Beach on the Gold Coast.

But a little bit of noise isn’t going to deter these beach goers from enjoying this immaculate day.

The project will top up the existing buried rock wall on five properties and build a new wall on one.

All six properties have lost land during the months of erosion so they’ll be glad of the sea wall’s extra protection.

For more info see the GCCC’s Seawall factsheet and discover about the wiggling imaginary line the sea wall follows called the ‘A line’  based on the Gold Coast’s erosion scarp of 1967.

For a comparison on how much the beach has eroded since May, April , March, and a video on ABC Open of the big seas in March click on the links.

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