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Erosion, mind your step

April 18, 2013



It’s getting harder and harder to get down to the beach at the end of my street, but I can’t imagine what it must be like to see the waves take away chunks of your backyard.

Walk to the end of the wooden path at Heron Avenue and it’s a big step down.

It’s not just standing on the platform that’s like standing on the edge of a cliff either.

People from the neighbouring units and house stand near the edge and look over the drop to where their property lines used to be. The ocean has gouged them away.

The fence is gone, the morning coffee seat overlooking the sea is gone. Nowhere for the French Lieutenant’s Woman to wait.

A gnarly old acacia bush at Heron is all but dangling over the edge. Another battering sea and that old friend will be gone.

Roots as dead as dreadlocks hang down to the water line. Doomed.

Another battering and more pandanus and palms will be gone.

The sunbakers are gone. Where they once luxuriated runs a deep gutter full of flathead.

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