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Contact: erosion bids for Gold Coast property

March 22, 2013

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Bit of a mission to get down eh?

Yeh the fisherman replies.

He baits his hook. With his sunnies, hat and fishing rod, he’s just climbed down the steep rocks and sand from platform at the end of Surf Street.

The recently uncovered rocks were put there years ago precisely to deal with today’s situation.

They are holding the sea back from rushing the properties along Mermaid Beach.

The Surf Street rocks form an easterly outcrop, a post attacked from front and sides.

Some property lines have been chomped, fencelines undermined by weeks of big seas and kingtides.

Other fences hold on by slivers of sands, the bared post foundations greet the rising sun and wind.

One more wave rushing up the vertical bank and the fence will be rushing down.

The ocean presses its claim.

Pandanus are like mates around here – shade against the sun.

How many of them have we lost?

Come down in the mornings and see them lying on their hairy heads across the wet sand, rigor mortis set in their roots, drowned washed ashore.

Near Wave Street a couple of coconut palms make a last stand. The beach has dropped away from under the Wave Street platform.

At Heron Avenue a gnarly old salt bush, sentinel, sculpted, scarred and swayed stands grimly.

ANZAC roots bleeding over the bank.

It’s a purge, landmarks and old friends disappear in the sea’s march.

A guy in a broad straw hat tied under his chin stops.

It’s really changed. He gestures to the Surf Street rocks.

That could be a new point break.

And some of these building could make reefs.

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