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January 14, 2013

I feel like I shouldn’t have come or that maybe something is wrong.

There’s only one person I recognize and it’s only been 18 months, they couldn’t have all left the country

“Is there anyone else here I know,” I ask Hoa, the only person I know this Sunday afternoon at the Saigon RMIT fields.

No, but there are more people coming, she says.

Sure enough some familiar Ulimate faces turn up for the Saigon Ultimate Club and say Hi, where have you been? You look like you have been at the beach.

It feels nice to be recognised and welcomed back to my old club even if its just a quick holiday visit from the Gold Coast.

Also nice to meet a few newbies.

Tanned and fit these guys run like the wind

I’m a bit of an old man on the field, the SUC players have got speed and reflexes that I didn’t even have when I was their age.

I play, though, make a few passes, jog behind the guy I’m defending as he sprints off at twice my maximum speed and scores in the end zone.

I mean these guys stay on one spot for as long as a blue wren.

It’s a social thing playing Ultimate in Asia for a visitor or an expat, but it’s more because it’s an entry point into Vietnamese life.

It encapsulates things intrinsically Vietnamese: particularly playfulness and laughter with an unpredictable application of the rules.

Sometimes strict sometimes hilarious.

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