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The Award by Mic Smith. La Mama Theatre, Melbourne. Nov 24-26

November 27, 2012

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The Award is a play about a Gold Coast suburban criminal’s path through mid-life, a glimpse of his inner struggles, his manipulations of the people around him and his ways of seeing society.

It has gone through two Explorations seasons (2006 and 2012) at La Mama and the script has started to take good shape.

The last 17 days have been a true exploration of the piece with the director, Peter Stratford, and the cast: Tania Lentini, David Wotton and Rudie Chapman.

The interaction during rehearsals, phonecalls, coffees and actual performances in front of audiences has been incredibly useful for us to develop the script – it’s tighter, more economical, the dialogue is more real life, the characters are more defined and recognizable.

A steep learning curve.

Great for me as a writer to act in it, so I could be so close to the exploration process. Fine tuning meaning and purpose and seeing how the subtleties of acting can tip this way and that.

The feedback from the audiences we gratefully listened to and moderated with other feedback.

Explorations gave us the opportunity to try to respond the feedback during the season – trying out new nuances in the ways the characters behaved and reflecting on the outcomes.

After closing night I spoke with Peter and the cast to look at ways to build on what we had done. Liz and Lloyd of La Mama also gave valuable input.

I tentatively booked The Award in for 2014 at La Mama. I look forward to doing the next stage of development with this production.

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