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Surfing with whales on the Gold Coast

October 13, 2012

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6am Sunday. Several whales pass Mermaid Beach on their way south.

Individuals, pairs, threes.

Fins longer than longboards lift dripping out of the water and poise curved and vertical, feint then scllllappppp the surface.

Silent from this distance.

Then two fins linger and feint together like ballet dancers against the sunrise horizon.Scllllappp Scllllappppppppp.

The surf is small and inconsistent but a few surfers and a SUP in black surf the bank just north of the SLSC. They watch the whales silhouetted.

Gasp of a sudden… a whale breaks above the surface and almost leaves the water completely – spinning as he breaches, suspended in time, horizontal above the ozone colored water. Buoooozhh..kkk

An IRB breaks the spell thankfully passes not too close to the whales’ corridor.

Damn I think that’s it, the show’s over, bloody boat, but it’s not, the whales keep doing their thing. People on the shore gaze and point.

15 minutes later I paddle my longboard out past the breakers. In a lull slip off the board, the water is glassy. Try to hold myself under and listen. I hear a few whale oinks and tweets in the few seconds I’m down there.

In a related story – Whale poo.

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