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Prince William’s words on rhino poaching

September 10, 2012
Prince William the Duke of Cambridge  talked about rhino horn poachers on the BBC in June, “‘I think they are extremely ignorant. I think they are selfish. I think they are wrong, totally and utterly wrong.
“It makes me very angry, it’s a waste,” he said.
“Along with elephants, they’re two of the most heavily poached animals currently in the world. If we don’t do something about them it is going to be a tragic loss for everyone.”To consumers of the rhino horn: “My message to them is simply ‘Stop'”.’It’s a message about educating people and understanding that when you buy that rhino horn, or when you buy that ivory, you are taking this from an animal that has been slaughtered for this decorative ornament you have on your mantelpiece and you have at home – is that really what you desire and what you feel is right in the world?’The Duke of Cambridge is the royal patron of NGO Tusk Trust.

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